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Metallic Glam Liquid Lip

Metallic Glam Liquid Lip

$5.00 USD

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Matte moisturizing, hydrating, nutritious, long lasting, water-resistant,charming colors. Non-stick/ fade/ nor rubs off


Liquid Lip goes on soft, smooth, and light-weighted; are amazing for every day, and night wear

Artist Tips:

An easy way to apply a Matte Lipstick is to apply it from the center of the lips and move outwards, then fill in the edges with lip liner moving from the corners to the center of the lips. Both lipstick and lip liner will glide on easily for a smooth, matte finish.


Mineral Oil, Octyl Palmitate, Polyisobutylene, Beeswax, Isoctyl Palmitate, Tridecyltrimelitate, TDTM Heterogeneous dodecane, Pyrogenicsilica, KRA Ton G1701, MLCA, CL7491, CL77891, Propylparben

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