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About Us



 Our Mission

Bringing together a community of beautiful people one face at a time at an affordable cost. While ensuring that we provide excellent quality cosmetic products and services that leaves our clientele feeling excited about ordering through our company for their essential beauty needs. With an edgy collection of bold, colorful, cruelty-free cosmetics, keeping your lips, eyes and face vibrant.

Stay Beautiful

 – Glamour Up, LLC

Our Purpose

Glamour up was founded the year 2017 of August by Geraldine Legros, a Boston native with a Haitian blood line. While being a mother of two young boys, and describes herself as a creative, strong, independent and caring individual. Glamour up lives for the joys of diversity and individuality. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way which makes everyone who they are. With a beauty line that is described as diverse and affordable, Glamour Up targets not only women who are new to applying makeup, but also those who consider themselves pros. Whether male or female what drives Geraldine is the ability to express one’s beauty, putting on a character, finding the inner ‘you’ and feeling glamorous, but mainly, she says, it is “bringing together a community of beautiful people one face at a time.” Glamour up is just here to add a bit of shimmer and shine into your beautiful lives.

It's A Glam World Stay Beautiful

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